DigiFix IT Service Designer on The Real Time Score MBS Project


DigiFix, an IT service design company, was engaged to work on The Real Time Score Managed Business Service (MBS) project. The primary objective of this project was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business operations associated with the Real Time Scoring MBS. The ultimate goal was to create a detailed Service Design Pack that would not only define and outline the various components of the MBS but also provide insights for monitoring its performance and identifying improvement opportunities.

Project Scope

The scope of the project involved capturing the outcomes of a business operations assessment, with a focus on the real-time scoring managed business service. The assessment aimed to evaluate the definition and constituent parts of the overall MBS and determine the extent to which the end-to-end service was actively managed.

Key Deliverables

  1. Business Model, Vision, and Drivers: The Service Design Pack included a detailed analysis of the Real Time Score (RTS) business model, its vision, and the driving factors behind its existence. This section aimed to provide a clear understanding of the strategic goals and motivations guiding the MBS.

  2. Business Architecture of the MBS: This section identified the Visa Europe business services that underpinned the Real Time Score MBS. It outlined the practices contributing to the service, established accountable ownership for each service, and assessed the existence of controls governing operations. This comprehensive overview of the business architecture laid the foundation for effective management and optimization.

  3. Underlying Enterprise Architecture: The Service Design Pack addressed the alignment of core business systems and infrastructure enablers supporting the Real Time Score MBS. This analysis provided insights into the technological and structural backbone of the MBS, ensuring that it was in sync with overall enterprise objectives.

  4. Maturity Scorecard: DigiFix developed a maturity scorecard against the end-to-end service to inform change priorities. This scorecard served as a crucial tool for evaluating the current state of the MBS, identifying areas of improvement, and prioritising changes to enhance overall maturity.

  5. Supporting Service Design Elements: The Service Design Pack included essential elements to support the Real Time Score MBS, including a comprehensive support model, Operational Level Agreements (OLAs), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These elements outlined the necessary support structures and performance expectations to ensure the MBS operated seamlessly.

Outcomes and Impact

The document produced by DigiFix provided a holistic footprint of the Real Time Score MBS. This footprint is instrumental in monitoring performance, understanding dependencies on other business services, and pinpointing opportunities for improvement. The insights derived from the Service Design Pack are critical for informing the change process, allowing stakeholders to prioritise and implement enhancements effectively.

In conclusion, DigiFix played a pivotal role in not only assessing the Real Time Score MBS but also in providing a comprehensive Service Design Pack that serves as a valuable guide for ongoing management, optimization, and continuous improvement. The collaborative effort with key stakeholders ensures that the MBS remains aligned with business goals and adapts to evolving operational needs.

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